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We have over 60 years of combined clinical experience and 46 years of medicolegal experience. We have opined upon hundreds of cases. We have educated attorneys nationally in the form of MCLE (minimum continuing legal education) courses in regards to chronic pain and traumatic brain injury as well as dental injuries.

What are Expert Witness Services?

Expert witness services are services provided by a qualified medical expert based on information given by a court of law in a medico-legal case. The services of the expert witness may be employed for litigations, arbitrations, or tribunals.

Who can be an Expert Witness?

An expert witness in a medico-legal case can be a certified doctor with advanced training in a field that is related to the dispute, or a general practitioner, a nurse practitioner, a physical therapist, or a certified medical professional.

Indications for Expert Witness Services

Expert witness services may be employed when opinion evidence of the medical expert may help bring about an early resolution of a dispute in a medico-legal case.

What Services do Expert Witness Provide?

The various services provided by expert witnesses include:

  • Testifying in a medico-legal case by providing an impartial and independent expert medical opinion on a subject of dispute
  • Submitting a medical report that may be used as evidence 
  • Verifying any medical information provided by the opposing party
  • Ensuring compliance with procedure rules and regulations in medico-legal cases

Benefits of Expert Witness Services

Expert witness services can enlighten a jury about:

  • The pain and suffering experienced by an individual
  • The extent and severity of the injuries sustained
  • The need for surgery or other forms of treatment
  • The expected length of the recovery period
  • The limitations of an individual as a result of an injury or disease

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